CAFE - Common Application Framework Extensible


There may be times when the installed version of CAFÉ does not automatically update to the latest version. Sometimes Internet Explorer caches some files that CAFE uses so that they are unable to be updated, even if you do not use Internet Explorer.  If you experienced such a circumstance, you may consider the following steps to clear the cache in Internet Explorer on your machine.

Instructions to clear IE cache
  1. In Internet Explorer, click on the settings icon in the upper right hand of the window:

    Clear IE Cache, Step 1

    For earlier versions of IE, click "Tools" under the menu toolbar. Clear IE 8 Cache, Step 1

  2. Choose “Internet options”:

    Clear IE Cache, Step 2

    Clear IE 8 Cache, Step 2

  3. In the window that pops up, in the “General” tab, go to the “Browsing history” section and click on the “Delete” button:

    Clear IE Cache, Step 3

  4. In the “Delete Browsing History” window, select the checkboxes marked as in the picture below and click on the “Delete” button:

    Clear IE Cache, Step 4

If the issue still persists, you may also consider resetting IE's settings to its default condition when IE was first installed. However, doing this will wipe out your IE history and settings.

Instruction to reset IE settings
  1. In the "Advanced" tab, under the "Reset Internet Explorer settings" section, click on the "Reset..." button.

    Reset Internet Explorer settings, Step 1

  2. In the "Reset Internet Explorer Settings" window that pops up, select the "Deleted personal setting" checkbox, and then click on the "Reset" button.

    Reset Internet Explorer settings, Step 2



"I find CAFE overall the best compared to other databases I have used."
- Judy Villablanca, Associate Professor Clinical Pediatrics, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Medical Director, NANT

"I now always plan to incorporate the very reasonable costs of development of a CAFÉ database in my new grant submissions."
- Ann S. Hamilton, Ph.D.

"I can't speak highly enough of the skill and helpfulness of the Informatics Team at USC Norris. ...Informatics developed a customized version of CAFÉ that has proved to be a perfect fit for us in seminar event planning, tracking of program participants and more."
- Michelle Levander, Director, The California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships

"Three years ago, the KSOM Research Advancement Office approached the Cancer Center Informatics Research Core (CRIC) about developing a grant awards and space occupation database for us to manage our $200M plus grant portfolio and KSOM’s 960,622 net square feet of space. (CRIC) worked closely with us to create a comprehensive database that is user friendly and invaluable in our day to day operations."
- Linda Mizushima, USC KSOM
- Janet A. Stoeckert, USC KSOM

"...Adding fields to café for capturing other unique information needed for reports can generally be done by CRIC quickly and efficiently."
- Kay Johnson

"I have found that just about any (CAFE) configuration is possible...(and) my staff members have found the databases easy to use."
- Ann S. Hamilton, Ph.D.

"The team has done a fabulous job developing the data management system and has been extremely responsive to any “tweaking” needed. As we submit our U01, I will definitely continue to use CAFÉ... It has far exceeded my expectations."
- Sharon A. Cermak
Professor of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
University of Southern California